Carey's RAKlife Trip Helping the Less Fortunate

Family and Friends,

Africa here we come! I will be traveling to to the beautiful country of Tanzania to the island of Zanzibar with the non-profit group RAKlife the first week of August. It’s one of the most beautiful, yet poverty stricken, places on earth.  This will be a life-changing experience as we work to help the poor village of Paje situated on the east coast of the island.

Organizations like this are hard to find! Getting to know RAKlife and its members has been extremely motivating and inspiring for me over the last two years. I met Matt, the founder and owner, through mutual friends in California. I joined him and the RAK team in Romania last September where we helped gypsy children in their community, while repainting classrooms, feeding them, and spent time just playing with the kids. One thing we all agreed upon leaving was that these kids were the happiest children we have ever been around. They literally have next to nothing, some even coming to school with no shoes. But those smiling faces of pure joy when they saw our faces are impossible to forget. 

I have been so blessed and fortunate to see the world like I have the past two years of traveling, and It makes my heart happy to have this opportunity to give back in any way I can. Here is where I need y’alls help. I am asking for any support to go towards this trip! I won’t see this money, I am paying 100% out of pocket for this trip. Your support goes directly to the Zanzibar RAK fund. Some things we will doing while there. Feeding the elderly, teaching the children English, making various repairs to homes of the poorest of the poor, and performing any other RAK that we come across during our time in Zanzibar. If you can’t monetarily help out or this isn’t feasible, do me a favor. You can still RAK it anywhere. RAK - Random acts of kindness…. just that extra smile to a stranger can go a long way! As Matthew foster the founder or RAK always says….. PEACE AND LOVE! 

Safe Travels & Love, 


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Learn more about how RAKlife changes lives around the world:

RAKlife is a 501c3 nonprofit organization, so ALL donations are tax deductible and 100% of ALL donations that I receive will go directly toward my volunteer experience (they don't pay for overhead or salaries because they do this out of love!)