Greg's RAKlife Trip Around the World Helping the Less Fortunate

One of my best friends, Matt Foster (family friend, neighbor, & mentor), started a non-profit called the RAKlife (RAK stands for Random Acts of Kindness) - to help the disadvantaged and less fortunate around the world, by doing random acts of kindness, planned and non-planned in 17 locations around the world.  I want to explain where I am at in life’s journey, and ask for your help.  The missions’ trip recently started, so please watch this video to see what RAKlife does and how magnificent, rewarding and amazing this non-profit is first hand. 

RAKlife's first 1-year expedition around the world started June 8th and I’ve come up with this crazy idea to join for 3 months along the way and take a sabbatical from work.  I want to be doing something good for the world.  I imagine going on this mission’s trip, coming back having a greater appreciation for life and what I am truly passionate about.  In other words, I know that joining up with the RAKlife and giving back can be one of the most rewarding things anyone can do in their life.  I want to join my friend and his group, and start helping those with less fortunate situations have a better life, and ultimately, change my life for the better.  Currently, I am reaching out to friends and family members or those who simply just want to help so that I can pursue this amazing opportunity and dream I am trying to live out. 

 I am ready to do this, physically, mentally, spiritually, and now I just need to find out how to get their financially.  Anything you can do to help me get there would be greatly appreciated and money well spent.  All money received will go to help me with my travel costs as well as given to RAKlife to help with the RAK's that we will be performing!  

RAKlife is a 501c3 organization so ALL donations are tax deductible and 100% of ALL donations that I will give to them go to the RAK's (they don't pay for overhead or salaries because they do this out of love!)

Much love, 


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