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Help California is a new disaster relief and restoration organization based out of Ventura and Santa Barbara. We formed in the wake of the Thomas Fire, with the goal of mobilizing our communities and helping neighbors meet and help one another. We're now also very involved in helping with the Montecito landslides, where we are working to help residents clear pathways to their homes, dig out cars, and remove mud, trees, and debris from inside homes.

Our mission is to relieverebuild, and restore communities affected by natural disasters. We're not just a relief organization, nor are we just a Thomas Fire-related organization. We are here empower all California communities who have been affected by natural disasters—and to create lasting bonds among them.

Huge thanks to RAKlife for being our generous sponsor and mentor in this non-profit journey!

To find out more, check out our site or follow us Instagram. Or... donate here! 

Thanks, and here's to a more connected and community-centered California. 

Message from Matt Foster, Executive Director of RAKlife

I have traveled to almost 30 countries performing acts of kindness for those in need... never would I have thought that we would be exposed to such a devastating natural disaster as the Thomas Fire. Ventura and surrounding towns are a tight knit community and everybody knows at least one family who lost everything during the fire.  

Please donate anything you can to help us help those most in need—100% of everything we receive will be passed along to the families, via Help California (another non-profit group... see above). While some may need socks or groceries in the short term, families will also need tools of all kinds as they begin their journey of healing and recovery.  

Thank you in advance from the bottom of my heart for your generosity—I'm praying that the goodness I have been blessed to be able to spread around the world can come back a little to help the hundreds of my fellow Venturans in their greatest time of need.