Update #2

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Meet Howard (see picture below). If you weren't aware, there were record floods in Kauai a couple months ago and dozens of locals lost their homes, including Howard and his cousin Danny. 
We are so happy to have helped Howard and his family during our time in Kauai. He works at a hotel setting up banquets, his wife cleans home. They have five children, ages 6-16, and making ends meet continues to be difficult after losing their home. 
It will be many months more until they recover but we are SO happy RAKlife could provide them with some immediate relief as they continue to rebuild their lives!

Thank you to Grassroots Yoga Ventura and the tribe for their support in making this RAK come true for Howard and Danny! :)


Update #1

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Check out what Raklife has been doing to help with the Thomas Fire Recovery efforts in the Ventura area.

Left Picture: Amy and Ashlyn, two amazing young kids, donated their lemonade stand money to RAKlife to help those that lost everything in the Thomas Fire this past December. We are putting this money to help a local high schooler who lost his home to replace his hard earned letterman’s jacket he was so proud of!  So awesome to see these young kids learning what giving back to their own community is all about at a young age!! Continue to live the RAK life!!

Right Picture: Jack is a 73 year old who lost everything in the Thomas Fire. After being bounced around 6 times of living in different spaces, he finally found a new apartment.  He was retried but will now have to go back to work to make ends meet; but he is very thankful for his good health.  A BIG Thank You to the generous donation from Patagonia and Miir -- we were able to give Jack enough for a new bed package and had some left over for some other household furnishings! It takes a village for this recovery and RAKlife is so glad we can be a mechanism for giving to go where it’s needed most.