Raegan Denise Heitzig was born December 31st, 1991 in Visalia, California. She is the middle sister of Morgan and Jordan Heitzig. These three sisters have shown people the meaning of sisterhood. Raegan was a member of the Ventura Community and anyone who knew her knows what a positive and loving spirit she has. 

Raegan studied Psychology at California State University Channel Islands.

She is known in both Visalia and Ventura as the a loving, genuine and kind hearted person. Raegan was in a tragic boating accident with her family on September 1st, 2018 and did not make it.

Raegan Heitzig loved children. She was considering going into teaching and had such a heart for everyone. She had a soft spot for minorities and helping other people in need. She was known to treat people equally and with love.  Raegan is a dog mom to her poodle named Butters.

She loved her community in Ventura but she also loved to travel and see the world. She grew up going to islands in Belize over the summer with her sisters. She grew up snorkeling and playing on the beach.

Raegan has always been athletic. In high school she was the MVP of the Volleyball team and a captain on the softball team. During her studies at CSU Channel Islands she also loved volleyball on the beach.

Raegan was always cool and collected. Even during hard times or moments of stress, she remained her peaceful self.

Raegan was a very hard worker. When she made a commitment to you, she was all in. She has been independent since she was 18 and put herself through college by working at Social Tap as a waitress. Social Tap bar and restaurant adores Raegan and her impact on the regular customers and coworkers. She was working there alongside her sister Jordan.

Months before the tragic accident, Raegan was setting things up to become a teacher for children. She has always wanted to help others in need and show the world acts of kindness.

The Rae of Light Foundation will focus on supporting children in rural areas that need support in times of need. Support will look like counseling, food, medical care, clothes, etc. We will base our give back efforts based on the biggest areas of need.

Please donate to the Rae of Light Foundation instead of buying flowers for the Memorial. Raegan’s kind hearted spirit will live on and she will continue to touch peoples lives through random acts of kindness.

Donate to the Rae of Light Foundation