Zanzibar Packing

Hey friends!

Here are my thoughts about packing for Zanzibar! Please leave any questions in the Facebook group and we can discuss. Hope this helps! ~Amber

Dress code: Zanzibar has a 99% muslim population. When in Paje it is fine to wear what you want while on the beach, but once you enter the village where the locals live it is important that women have their shoulders and knees covered. No one will be there to check you every day and tell you how to dress- but it is very important that you be respectful to the locals who live here, especially the ones who's homes we are entering and the people who we are helping in the village. RAKlife wants to have a long relationship with the people of Paje- and some of the village elders are still weary of having outsiders come in to help. 

While working on construction projects I would recommend wearing as comfortable of clothing as possible- think of gym clothes and breathable clothing. I wear comfortable relaxed clothing the entire trip. 

Every day I wore comfortable athletic shorts and covered them with a light wrap. I also think the spandex type capri pants would be perfect. 

Sweating in the middle of Africa's summer but still was asked to be covered. 

In Stone Town you will see many tourists dressed in different ways. I think when you are around the hotel area it is fine to dress how you want. But I was told by other women that they were heckled for wearing shorts too short while wandering the streets away from the hotels.

Other things I think are important:

  • Cash: again there are no ATM's in Paje. Please make sure to have all the money you need for personal items before you leave Stone Town. I would recommend just bringing all your cash with you upon arrival as many of the ATM's we found in Stone Town were broken or empty. 
  • Outlet converter- needed for pretty much all of Tanzania
  • All paper printouts- printed copies of your visa paperwork, airline schedule
  • RAKlife shirt: please bring if you already have one- if not Matt will be checking in about this soon
  • Bug spray
  • Sunscreen
  • Swimsuit
  • Baby wipes
  • Immodium
  • Earplugs
  • Flashlight/headlamp
  • Medicine: bring whatever you think you could possibly need